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When Should You Opt For A Plea Deal In Case Of A DUI Offence

Before discussing any further, you must understand the gravity of a DWI or DUI office. Driving under the influence of a drug or alcohol is deemed a punishable felony in Pennsylvania. While the initial charges might attract hefty files and loss of privileges, you might even have to consider jail-time, in case you injured someone.

However, if a case is filed by the concerned individual or even the state, a plea deal is always on the option to get out of the muddle. Then again, a plea deal isn’t always rewarding and often accepted out of fear and intimidation. Although the law and punishment structure for DUI offense depend on the jurisdiction, the premise and extent of hardships are similar even for the Lehigh county residents.

Although the law and prohibitions related to DUI are extremely strict in Lehigh, the concept of a plea agreement exists even in this county. The strange fact, however, is that in the concerned country, a majority of DUI violators are the students who are gullible and are often lured into plea deals when they can evade jail term even upon going to the trail.

This is where selecting the best DUI attorney for Lehigh students becomes all the more important. The attorney will guide you in the best possible way by telling you whether to accept or deny the plea deal, depending on the circumstances.

Why do you need an attorney?

You’ve been pulled over. You’ve gotten pulled over for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. a)  Driving While Intoxicated

The law allows you to be stopped for a DUI when your blood alcohol level is .08% or higher. However, if you have a blood alcohol level of .02 percent or higher, the law allows you to be stopped for a DUI.

  1. b) Driving Without a License

If you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license, you may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. This is called a “compliance check” and is generally done by law enforcement. If you are asked to take a breathalyzer test, you can refuse to do so. If you refuse to take the test, you can be arrested, even if the test results are negative. If you have a suspended license, you can be arrested for a DUI if your blood alcohol level is above .08%.

  1. c)  Alcohol or Drugs in Your System
  2. d)  Driving Without a License

If you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license, you may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. This is called a “compliance check” and is generally done by law enforcement.

If you are a student and currently accused of a DUI felony, it is important to evaluate the options, beforehand. Moreover, you have every right to get a fair deal even when hardships and punishments are staring you right in the face. An attorney helps you understand the intricacy of the situation and take calls accordingly. When it comes to criminal proceedings, an attorney is the one who is most well-versed with the situation.

It is an attorney who gives you a bird’s eye view of the situation while explaining the chances of winning a trial or the existing plea deals on offer. If you understand that evidence and situation aren’t in your favor, consider taking the plea deal, but not before letting the attorney negotiate the best option for you.

Other aspects to look at

If a plea deal seems like the more plausible option, you must keep an eye on the arresting officer as his or her statement is necessary for the felony to be admissible in court. Moreover, if you are accepting the plea, never plan on admitting guilty as it might reveal more information, thereby giving more evidence to the competing attorney.

You need to understand that a plea deal is mostly offered to save the time of the court and more so when the felonies aren’t lie-threatening to the exact. However, your acceptance or denial should be based on the inputs offered by the consulting attorney.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol 

The penalties for DUI can be severe, and they can be difficult to understand. Such penalties are often difficult to work your way through.

Should I contact a DUI attorney now?

If you are facing a DUI charge , you should contact an experienced lawyer in your area   immediately. A good DUI attorney is ready to investigate your case and help you get the best possible outcome. You should contact a lawyer today if you are facing a DUI charge.

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