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What Is A Social Security Disability Claim?

A Social Security Disability Claim is a claim to receive disability benefits, if the person is unable to perform any substantial gainful employment, which basically means any type of work.

Who Can Make A Social Security Disability Claim?

Any individual who has disabling medical condition or conditions, which will last at least 12 months and prevent you from performing any substantial gainful employment, can make a Social Security disability claim.

What Is The Process To Make A Social Security Disability Claim?

For the initial claim, you can do this either online or by phone with the Social Security Administration. Lawyers are not necessary for the initial application process.

Are Most Social Security Disability Claims Denied In The First Round?

Unfortunately, initially at the administrative level, most Social Security claims are denied. The reason is that the Social Security Administration and the people that are reviewing the claims are becoming more conservative in the granting of benefits. This is happening generally throughout the country, due to the national budget and Social Security benefits.

What Steps Can I Take If I Am Initially Denied On My Social Security Disability Claim?

If you receive an initial denial, you should immediately contact an attorney experienced with Social Security disability claims. A request for a hearing before administrative law judge must be made within 60 days of the date of the initial denial.

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