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What Types Of Vehicles Are Generally Involved In Trucking Accidents?

Semi-trailers or tractor-trailers that are about 53 feet in length are generally involved in trucking accidents.

Is There A Certain Type Of Vehicle That Is Involved In Accidents More Often Than Others?

There is not a certain type of tractor-trailer that is involved in accidents more often than others.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Tractor-Trailer Or Trucking Accidents?

Some of the most common causes of tractor-trailer or trucking accidents include driver distraction, driver fatigue, improper maintenance of equipment, improper training or lack of training, and violation of trucking regulations or federal standards.

How Are Trucking Accidents Different From Accidents Involving Passenger Vehicles?

Trucking accidents are different from accidents involving passenger vehicles because of the disproportionate size of tractor-trailers compared to passenger cars. Although accidents involving passenger vehicles can be very serious, the impact from a fully loaded tractor-trailer is usually more severe.

What Are Some Severe Injuries That You See Resulting From Accidents Involving These Vehicles?

Accidents involving these vehicles can result in very severe injuries, including fractures and herniated spinal discs. In the worst case scenario, these accidents result in death.

What Is Involved In The Investigation Of An Accident With A Tractor-Trailer?

The investigation of an accident with a tractor trailer begins when a tractor-trailer company deploys their rapid response team, like the NTSB. This team will spend several hours investigating the scene of an accident. It is important to immediately engage an investigator on behalf of the injured person to ensure that the scene is investigated, the evidence preserved, and the necessary experts hired. Most new tractor-trailers have black boxes in them which record the speed of the vehicle, braking information, and information about other items of maintenance.

What Evidence At The Scene Is Important To Preserve And Collect In These Cases?

It is important to take photographs of the scene. In addition, the vehicles should be preserved and the information on the black box should be provided to a lawyer as soon as possible.

What Is The Best Way To Preserve And Utilize Witnesses In a Trucking Accident Case?

As in all cases, witnesses are important because they can provide an independent corroboration of what exactly happened at the scene of an accident. It is helpful to have witness testimony as opposed to relying solely upon the tractor-trailer driver or injured person’s recollection of the event.

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