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Professional Negligence Claims

Professional negligence refers to the act where a professional breaches the duty of care that is required between that professional and their clients. According to the paradigm of duty of care, every client expects a level of care and professionalism when they are getting services from a professional, such as a doctor, health care professional, financial advisor, solicitor, accountant, surveyor or any professional in any area of expertise. In case this duty of care is breached, the victim can file a professional negligence claim. The Law Offices of Kennedy and Brown have solicitors specializing in professional negligence claims cases. Our Pennsylvania Professional Negligence Claims Lawyers are some of the best in the area. Call our office at (570) 203-1333 to speak with our Luzerne County Professional Negligence Claims Lawyers.

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Whether you want to bring a professional negligence claim against a professional, such as an accountant, a barrister, a solicitor, a medical professional, an architect, or a surveyor, call our Pennsylvania Professional Negligence Claims Lawyers at the Law Offices of Kennedy and Brown for a Free Consultation at (570) 203-1333.

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