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Lime Encourages Pa Lawmakers To Change E-Scooter Laws

If ride-sharing giant Lime has its way, then central Pennsylvania could soon have hundreds of rentable e-scooters on its streets.

Executives at the San Francisco-based company recently met with central PA lawmakers to discuss the possibility of introducing dockless e-scooters into the area. Lime leaders note that there’s been a huge demand for this convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation in hundreds of American cities.

The reason Lime and other companies haven’t released these devices into central PA has to do with the state’s outdated laws. Currently, Chapter 75 of PA’s Motor Vehicle Code makes no distinction between e-scooters and regular cars. Under this law, e-scooters couldn’t be legally operated in the state without licenses.

In response to Lime’s requests, PA state representatives said they would look into editing the state’s Motor Vehicle Code in the near future. According to a recently released memo, state legislators will put forward a bill defining e-scooters as separate from other modes of transportation.

If all goes according to plan, Lime e-scooters could be in central PA as early as the spring of 2019.  The scooters are also expected to launch in Philadelphia.

To learn more about Lime, you could visit the company’s website at You could also find information on Chapter 75 of PA’s Motor Vehicle Code on this website.

Are E-Scooters A Safety Hazard?  

A recently published study out of UCLA sent shockwaves through the global e-scooter industry. According to this report, more e-scooter riders visited LA’s emergency rooms than bicyclists or pedestrians between 2007 and 2008.

Amazingly, only 4 percent of e-scooter riders who visited these emergency rooms were wearing helmets at the time of their crash. A few of the most common injuries these e-scooter riders had were some form of head trauma or fractures.

While not every state requires e-scooter users to wear helmets, big companies like Lime and Bird encourage customers to always wear protective headgear. Indeed, Lime has already given out 250,000 free helmets to customers and Bird offers free helmets (excluding shipping and handling).

Call The Law Offices of Kennedy And Brown After A Crash

Since e-bikes and e-scooters are so new, the laws governing these devices are still evolving. Anyone riding one of these devices at the time of a crash needs to get in touch with an experienced attorney to get a better sense of his/her rights.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kennedy and Brown are staying on top of all PA-related to e-scooter legislation. Anyone injured while riding one of these devices should call our trained lawyers to get a better sense of what they’re legally entitled to.

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