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How the Rising Crime Rate in Houston is Impacting the Legal Choices of the Respondents?

Ripples of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt across diverse verticals. With the employment sector taking a massive hit, the crime rates have seen a sharp increase, as individuals are going to extreme lengths for making the ends meet. Besides that, home-bound crimes, including aggravated assaults and domestic violence have also increased in certain parts of Texas, as self-isolation, social distancing, and increased spells of lockdown are taking their toll on the minds.

Surprising Spike in the Murder Rates

Based on the version of Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Houston, the county has seen a massive 50 percent surge in the murder rates, during the past few months.

With homicides growing at such a rate, it isn’t wrong to infer that the city is experiencing at least one murder, daily. Although arrests have been made in each case, the entire legal system is under a lot of pressure due to these rising crimes.

Erratic mental health, acts of domestic violence, and even drug violence rising out of depression are the major contributors. With almost 150 homicides already identified in 2020, it is a matter of time that police officials find a better way to address this precarious situation.

What are the Aligned Factors?

The bigger picture, related to the rise in crime rates is directly related to unemployment. As more and more people are losing their jobs, they are resorting to unscrupulous ways of earning. Besides that, some are getting depressed sitting at home; thereby ending up playing a part in domestic violence. Depression is also a precursor to the involvement in the drug trade, which eventually is amplifying the crimes, especially assaults, murders, and other felonies.

Right to “due process”

Due process is a legal concept that means that the government must follow the law and the rights of the accused. This means that a defendant is entitled to an attorney, with the right to present his or her case to the jury. The judge, jury, and judge-jury are all considered “the people” and are bound by the law.

Due process is also a concept of fairness, a concept which means that the accused has a right to be heard before a jury. The right to a fair trial includes the right to be able to present your side of the story in the trial.

How to approach a conviction?

Getting convicted isn’t the end of the road for most individuals. Although every crime is unfortunate and needs to be handled strictly, false accusations and convictions are also common, especially in the crime-stricken scenario. Therefore, if you have been charged with a felony or any other crime, it is necessary to concentrate on getting the best form of legal representation by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston.

Every individual has the right to the best legal counsel as an attorney is the most suitable person to get you a good deal or represent you in a trail. Most importantly, even if you have committed a crime or been convicted under mysterious circumstances, a seasoned attorney can use all of his or her experience to keep you out of the jail. There are several aspects related to the motive of the crime, the mental aspect of the felony, establishing concurrence between the act and the mental determiner, and eve the result of the act.

However, for a common person, these concepts can be extremely overwhelming and this is where proper legal representation is required, to minimize the gravity of the punishment or to get acquitted with all charges being dropped.

Final Thoughts on Finding a great Lawyer for your needs

There are a few different ways to go about finding the right criminal lawyer that can be of the best to you. First, you can visit the free services of online criminal defense attorneys that have been ranked based on their overall success rate. After you’ve found the best criminal defense attorney for you, you should contact them to schedule an initial consultation.

After you have an initial consultation, you should then decide whether or not you want to receive the full scope of legal services that are offered by the attorney, or if you want to take a simplified referral process.

If you want to get advice about the best criminal defense attorney for you, you can also read our article on the best law firms for criminal defense, or our article on the best attorneys to hire in order to secure the best legal representation.

Picking the Right Legal Defense Attorney Based on Your Needs and Budget

With the above points  in mind, a good criminal lawyer can not only provide you with the best legal representation, but they can also help you make sure that you are able to pay for all of the necessary legal services that you may need to represent yourself in court. In order to find the best criminal defense attorney, you should consider your needs and budget.

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