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How Often Do Auto Accident Claims Go To Trial?

In today’s day and age, only a small percentage of auto accident claims go to trial. Most of them either settle or they use some other formats such as a binding arbitration or a mediation and they do other forms out of the court system. If you ask me for a percentage, I would say probably less than 5% of personal injury cases that are in the court system end up going to trial.

How Long Do Auto Accident Cases Generally Take To Get Resolved?

Every auto accident case is different in terms of time it takes to get resolved. In some of these smaller cases, when somebody’s injured and their treatment is for a couple of months and they get better, then those you can resolve normally within a year. However, when people are more seriously injured then it’s never good to settle a case early because once you settle the case, it’s over. It’s better to wait to see just where you’re going in terms of the injuries, the treatment, your medical bills, your wage lost. At the appropriate time, file your lawsuit and then if you can’t settle it, take it to trial.

Can Someone Handle An Auto Accident Claim On Their Own Without An Attorney?

People that try to settle auto accident cases on their own are exactly who the insurance companies are looking for because their job is to get claims over with as soon as possible. When people try to settle their own cases, they often get a very small amount early and then later when they are still injured or they’ve realized that they didn’t get enough they seek an attorney and then it’s too late.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Settlement Is Reached In An Auto Accident Claim?

Once the auto accident case is settled, normally the first step is a confirmation letter from the attorney to the insurance company or the defense attorney. Then they exchange a document, which is called a Release, where the injured party releases the person they sued. Once that’s done, the settlement check comes and normally that whole process from the date of the settlement till the date the check is issued is usually in the period of about two weeks.

What Tips Would You Give To Clients For Mitigating Their Auto Accident Claim?

The best advice we can give to clients mitigating their auto accident claim is that once they retain an attorney that they keep the attorney advised on a regular basis of just what’s going on with them so that they are aware of what their damages are. That would include their medical treatment, their medical bills, their wage loss, and the way the injuries are affecting their life in general because that’s the way you evaluate the case. When the client does not respond to the attorney and just keeps asking how their case is going then they aren’t cooperating and it’s hard to value a case that way.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Claims?

In our firm, myself and Attorney Brown have both been engaged as strictly representing the injured parties for myself over 40 years and for Attorney Brown over 30 years. We have always restricted our practice to just representing injured parties. We do all aspects of the personal injury, which include not only auto accidents but worker’s compensation, slip and fall, professional liability, and all range of cases involving the injured parties.

Additional Information On Auto Accident Claims In Pennsylvania

The one area which comes up a bit are not only auto accident cases against the person responsible or their insurance company but also there are the cases involving uninsured and underinsured motorist claims; that’s when somebody’s hurt in an accident and the person at fault doesn’t have insurance. You have a right to claim against your own insurance company for uninsured motorist just as if you are going after the party who was at fault but do not have insurance. The same thing applies to underinsured motorist claims if the party at fault only carries a small amount of insurance; the minimum in Pennsylvania is $15,000. With underinsured motorist coverage, you can recover both against the other person’s insurance and your own insurance for him not having enough insurance.

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