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How Much Should I Expect to Receive from My Accident?

This question came directly in to one of our Phoenix car accident lawyers, from a client of ours and we get asked this question in almost every free lawyer consultation we do at Hutzler Law.


Six months ago my three daughters (7, 5, and 3) and I were involved in a major car accident. The vehicle we were in was completely totaled. My children were not physically injured, however they suffered emotionally. Even today, my daughters still are quite traumatized by the accident, and they are afraid to go for rides in our new car.

I was injured during the crash. My shoulder was damaged during the impact, and I still experience a tremendous amount of pain because of it. I have not been able to do the things I used to, and as such I have had to hire people to assist me with things such as child-care and housework. I’ve spent approximately $2,500 so far solely to receive assistance on tasks that I am no longer able to do. I have accumulated $5,000 in medical bills; however, I anticipate this number will continue to rise.

My glasses and phone were also destroyed and had to be replaced. I’ve had to spend approximately $700 in order to replace these lost items. Do you know how much I should expect to receive in compensation?”


Thank you for your inquiry. It is extremely difficult for anyone to approximate what your claim is worth without first going through your complete medical records and your bills. Each claim is unique, and it would be irresponsible for someone to provide you with a dollar figure without first viewing all of the relevant information.

The total cost of your medical bills has no impact on the amount of money you will receive. Different injuries will oftentimes merit very different monetary amounts. Someone with a small amount of medical debt can end up with an extremely valuable claim. For example, an amputation of a limb may not cost very much in comparison to other medical procedures, but a claim for a loss of a limb is worth a large amount.

Our best advice for you is to keep very detailed records of all of your expenses. You are on the right track by staying informed of how much debt you are accumulating. Gather all of your receipts and medical records and keep them safely aside in their own folder. This will make it easy to gather all of your documents, or to find a specific document if it is requested. If the documents are requested, always make copies and keep the originals. This way you can avoid the hassle of tracking down another copy if the original gets lost in transit.

Also, the more detailed you can be, the better to support how your compensation is determined after an accident. Write notes and descriptions, if necessary, of all of the expenses you have incurred (such as the child-care and housekeeping) and what was performed. Memories fade quickly, and if your claim takes an extended period of time to resolve, then you may not remember important information that could have helped you to successfully resolve your claim.

Everyone involved in the accident will have a claim. This means that all of your daughters will have their own claims. Any money that the court awards to them will be placed into a court-approved account, such as a restricted bank account.

The very first step to take in this process is to find a competent attorney to represent you. Your lawyer will be your voice and advocate during negotiations, communications, and in court. Look for the best injury lawyer in Phoenix, or the best accident attorney in your area, and ask them questions to see if they have prior experience handling cases such as yours.

* Pro Tip – If the attorney has achieved successful results for previous claims it is great foreshadowing for the outcome of your own claim.

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