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How Is Workers’ Compensation Defined In Pennsylvania?

Anyone who is injured during the course and scope of employment can potentially receive disability and medical expense benefits by filing a worker’s compensation claim in the state of Pennsylvania.

Who Are The Liable Parties In A Typical Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The only liable party in a typical worker’s compensation claim is the employer, assuming they have worker’s compensation insurance.

Can You Walk Me Step By Step Through The Workers’ Compensation Claims Process?

If the claim is initially denied it is necessary to file a claim petition with the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. That claim then gets assigned to a worker’s compensation judge, and it proceeds through litigation until that judge makes a decision.

What Type Of Damages Are Available In A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The only damages recoverable in a worker’s compensation claim are disability benefits for the time the individual is unable to work, as well as medical expense benefits. There’s also the possibility of a lump sum settlement. A person cannot, however, recover damages such as pain and suffering, as you would in a third-party case.

Why Is It Critical To Hire An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney As Opposed To Any Personal Injury Attorney For A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Due to the complexity of worker’s compensation cases, it is advisable to obtain counsel who is well-versed and experienced in this area of the law. You want someone who handles worker’s compensation cases on a regular basis.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims?

We handle worker’s compensation cases in great volume and on a regular basis.

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