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Does Pennsylvania Require Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Pennsylvania does not require uninsured or under insured motorist coverage. However, anyone who owns a motor vehicle with coverage has the option of purchasing this type of additional coverage.

What Happens If The At Fault Driver In A Motor Accident Does Not Have Insurance Coverage?

If the at-fault driver does not have insurance coverage, the injured party can then put a claim with his own insurance carrier, for uninsured motorist coverage, depending on the status of the at-fault party.

Is There A Certain Time Limit To File A UM Or UIM Claim?

In the state of Pennsylvania, an injured party has 4 years from the date of the settlement of the claim from the at-fault driver’s insurance company to file a UIM claim with his own insurance company. If there is no coverage for the at-fault driver then a UM claim must be filed within 4 years from the date of the accident.

Is It Advisable To Sue An Uninsured Or Underinsured Person?

Often, it is very difficult to collect against the party who was uninsured or underinsured, but this is something that we will always look into.

Is It Difficult To Recoup A Settlement Against An Uninsured Or An Underinsured Person?

It’s very difficult to collect against an individual who either does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance. This is why everyone who owns a motor vehicle should carry their own uninsured and underinsured coverage with their own insurance company.

What Is Generally The Outcome Of a Case Involving An Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist?

If the person who was at fault did not have insurance, it’s very difficult to receive the collection of any judgment. Because of this, it is advisable that in any type of motor vehicle case, everyone should carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on their policy for their own protection.

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