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Personal Injury Claims

The fact that accidents and catastrophes are fairly normal does not detract from the confusion and pain that may result when the injury or accident occurs to someone. There may arise a number of questions in someone’s mind about the ‘personal injury’ claim when he/she decides to move toward protecting their legal rights after the injury or the accident Personal injury cases are the legal issues which arise when someone is legally liable for causing harm to another person from the injury or accident. The personal injury case become formal through the civil court actions that pursue to find the… Read More

A Legal Claim Guide for On Car Accident Wrongful Death

For surviving family, wrongful death is a devastating experience. Along with grief of the departed loved one, the family can find themselves under unforeseen financial problems as a result of the wrongful death. Thus, they need to know about their rights and proper resources to overcome this problem. What is Wrongful Death in Car Accident? Law says that the wrongful death accident is an unintended fatality caused due to the recklessness or negligence of someone else. That someone can be a vehicle manufacturer, authorities responsible for road maintenance, or another motorist, etc. A car wreck wrongful death case involves filing… Read More

Should I Get A Workmans Comp Attorney?

The scope of a workers’ compensation attorney covers helping victims of a workplace pursue the benefits that they deserve. It is very common for, victims to file millions of workers’ compensation claims in an attempt to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and mental anguish. It is also very common for them to be unsuccessful. The workers’ compensation attorneys help employees settle their workers’ compensation cases if an insurance adjuster fails to resolve their case. This means that an attorney will help you seek whatever benefits you deserve after enduring a devastating experience. Reasons to get a Workmans Comp… Read More

How the Rising Crime Rate in Houston is Impacting the Legal Choices of the Respondents?

Ripples of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt across diverse verticals. With the employment sector taking a massive hit, the crime rates have seen a sharp increase, as individuals are going to extreme lengths for making the ends meet. Besides that, home-bound crimes, including aggravated assaults and domestic violence have also increased in certain parts of Texas, as self-isolation, social distancing, and increased spells of lockdown are taking their toll on the minds. Surprising Spike in the Murder Rates Based on the version of Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Houston, the county has seen a massive 50 percent surge in the… Read More

When Should You Opt For A Plea Deal In Case Of A DUI Offence

Before discussing any further, you must understand the gravity of a DWI or DUI office. Driving under the influence of a drug or alcohol is deemed a punishable felony in Pennsylvania. While the initial charges might attract hefty files and loss of privileges, you might even have to consider jail-time, in case you injured someone. However, if a case is filed by the concerned individual or even the state, a plea deal is always on the option to get out of the muddle. Then again, a plea deal isn’t always rewarding and often accepted out of fear and intimidation. Although… Read More

How Much Should I Expect to Receive from My Accident?

This question came directly in to one of our Phoenix car accident lawyers, from a client of ours and we get asked this question in almost every free lawyer consultation we do at Hutzler Law.  Question: “Six months ago my three daughters (7, 5, and 3) and I were involved in a major car accident. The vehicle we were in was completely totaled. My children were not physically injured, however they suffered emotionally. Even today, my daughters still are quite traumatized by the accident, and they are afraid to go for rides in our new car. I was injured during… Read More

How Does Negligence Work in a Personal Injury Case?

Most of the time, the cases involving “personal injury” victims, people who have suffered physical and emotional injuries in a collision or accident, try to establish a case in which “negligence” of some sort occurred. The question for most victims is: What constitutes negligence? To understand this in a better way, we’ll have to look at the main aspects surrounding the possible negligence claim. According to, “Duty of care” is legally defined as an implied responsibility of every person to refrain from causing harm or injury to any other person. When applied to personal injury cases, the person accusing… Read More

How Do I Maximize My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you’re having to claim workers’ compensation insurance, chances are, you could be feeling better. Perhaps you’re unable to work for an extended period of time, or you’ve suffered an injury that will be with you for a while. You should, then, know how to maximize your workers’ compensation insurance claim. Yes, there are some general pointers and work comp can only get you so far in terms of monetary compensation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and make the most of it. Now, we know, you’re injured, you’re probably not feeling quite up to the task. But, with… Read More

Coronavirus Causes Jump in Domestic Violence Cases Nationwide

Since COVID-19 became widespread in the United States around mid-March, crime has generally trended downward in the country. With fewer people out and about, fewer crimes are being committed. Police departments, in an attempt to avoid further spreading the disease, have almost universally scaled back arrest numbers since the outbreak took hold. Domestic violence cases, however, have grown in most states since the outbreak began. While people are confined to their homes and apartments, they are clearly less likely to go out and commit homicides and robberies. Fewer potential targets for criminals are out on the streets, and home invasions… Read More

Why Legal Representation in America is a Must after a Car Accident

While it is understandable that you might require medical supervision immediately after a car accident, your challenges aren’t only restricted to the medical domain. Besides getting treated for injuries, you must account for the financial damages, insurance compensation, and involvement of the third parties who might be responsible for the mishap. This is where a car accident attorney comes in as a resourceful ally who takes up these worries on your behalf and proceeds towards making you whole, both financially and legally, after a life-changing catastrophe. Why is it different? For example, getting legal representation in Florida can be tricky… Read More

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