Law Offices of Kennedy and BrownAt Kennedy & Brown Law, we understand that the pain and suffering of personal injuries are real, and we know personal injury law. Our attorneys have over 50 years of experience evaluating and prosecuting personal injury and other types of cases. We can help you work toward the justice you deserve.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injuries legally fall under one of three categories of tort—i.e., the commission of a wrongful act or infringement upon another’s rights, for which one is civilly liable. Negligence applies in cases of failure to fulfill responsibilities, like when shoddy maintenance results in a slip and fall. Strict liability is increasingly applicable in cases of faulty or malfunctioning consumer products. Intentional wrong happens when, for example, store security visually profiles and detains an innocent shopper under suspicion of shoplifting (personal injury by false imprisonment).

The pivotal issues in any tort claim are liability and damages. Can you prove that the accused (the defendant) was causally responsible for the incident, either directly or indirectly? If so, what harm did you (the plaintiff) suffer? If responsibility can be proven, and damages can be quantified, you may have legal grounds to sue under personal injury law.

Common Personal Injury Cases at Kennedy & Brown

Personal injury can be visible or invisible, immediate or delayed. Libel and slander can both constitute personal injuries because they damage reputation. Likewise, use of hate speech and racial/sexual epithets may also legally qualify as personal injuries.

Examples of personal injury claims we’ve pursued include, but are not limited to the following:






If I Believe I Have a Personal Injury Case, What Then?

Always tend to your immediate health needs first. Then, if your situation fits the descriptions outlined above, you should definitely consult with a personal injury lawyer at Kennedy & Brown. There are, however, some immediate steps you can take to help ground your suit, should you choose to file.

    • Collect any evidence and carefully note all damage and injury, with photos if possible


    • Catalog all related medical bills, hospital visits, lost wages, etc.


    • Get witnesses’ names and contact information, and follow up with each to confirm


    • Document any conversations with any other parties involved


    • Inform potential defendants that you plan to sue for damages


If you’d like to discuss personal injuries that you’ve sustained, contact Kennedy & Brown Law today for a free consultation. From our offices in Forty Fort, we’ve successfully sought justice for people with personal injuries all over northeast Pennsylvania. We’ll help defend your rights, too.